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Anti-wrinkles treatment, commonly know as Botox 

Non surgical face lift

Botox is a muscle relaxant. In aesthetics, it is mainly used to relax dynamic wrinkles. The

active ingredient is called Botulinum Toxin A which prevents a specific

neurotransmitter from being released into the muscle that prevents muscle contraction.

We Offer whole range of anti-wrinkle treatments 

Areas treated with Botox are: 

1.Glabellar or frown lines

Frown lines are the wrinkles that appear between the eyebrows. This is the most common procedure done in aesthetics medicine.


 2.Forehead lines

Forehead lines gives us an aging appearance. While we read books and laptops and when someone talks to us, we tend to lift our eyes and forehead upwards to see the person talking to us, so the frontalis muscle becomes stronger and wrinkles show up making us look much older than our actual age.


3.Crow’s feet

Crow’s feet or smiley lines are wrinkles that appear on the side of the eyes when we laugh or smile. When they are extensive they give us an aging appearance. Making them subtle with Botox gives us a better smile and younger appearance.

4.Brow lift

It is lifting or arching the far end of the eyebrow, which is considered the ultimate grooming of the eyebrows.

        We have a brow lift for two reasons:

  1. i) Shaping the eyebrows. It gives a nice contour and shaping of the eyebrow which enhances the beauty of our expressive eye, giving it a sharper and more attractive appearance.
  2. ii) Helps with lifting the saggy skin for the upper eyelid which gives us a tired appearance. With time the eyebrows become flatter, saggy and fall downwards causing excess skin on our eyelids; this will lead to a tired, aged, and sad appearance.

5.Bunny lines

Bunny lines are wrinkles located on the sides of the upper nose that gives us an angry or   stressed appearance with aging wrinkles extending from the nose to the lower part of the eye.


6. Jawline slimming (wide jaw treatment)

At the side of our jaw we have a muscle called the masseter. Being the strongest muscle          in the body when hyperactive it can make a broad square appearance making our jaw wider and bigger. Due to its the strong muscle contractions, it causes grinding of the teeth and a painful jaw. With Botox injections in the masseter muscles it gives us a slimmer V-shaped jaw.


7. Downward mouth

As we age, the mouth can take on a downturned appearance, which creates a very negative and sour/sad appearance to the face. Botox can relax this muscle improving our appearance and getting rid of this aging, sad appearance.


8. Neck bands. (Nefertiti neck)

The neck contains a thin, broad sheet of muscle.  As we age, the tissue and fibres of the muscle begin to weaken and lose their elasticity. We also lose skin fat and with the effect of gravity, the neck is pulled down giving it a saggy appearance with neck bands ‘turkey neck’. Botox get rid of the saggy skin giving it a fresh young appearance.


9.Sweaty armpits (Hyperhidrosis)

Excess sweating is a major problem causing distress ,anxiety and embarrassment. It can cause relationship problems, self-confidence issues and embarrassment at work and in meetings, especially if we are unaware of this problem.



10. Smoker’s lines

They are the lines between the nose and upper lip that give us an aging appearance. We get these lines because we use our mouth to drink, talk, apply lipstick, use a straw and whistle. They are called smoker’s lines because they are more prominent in smokers. These, depending on severity, can either be treated with Botox only or a combination of Botox and filler

Botox £120
Botox and filler £250

11.Pebbled chin

A chin muscle called mentalis can be strong and hyperactive giving us an unpleasant pebbled aging appearance with  a forward protruding chin.  Botox injections into the mentalis muscle make the chin smoother and slimmer.


12.Gummy smile

It is the appearance of the upper gum when we smile that makes it less attractive. Many people don’t like their smile for this reason,  and some avoid smiling in photos too. Relaxing this muscle with Botox helps the upper lip cover the upper gum of our mouth giving us a more beautiful smile.


 13. Moving nose

The tip of the nose is drawn downwards by contraction of a nose muscle during smiling. The nasal tip may also droop at rest as a result of aging. Treatment with Botox elevates the nasal tip at rest and prevents it from drooping during smiling.


 14.Wide nostril

Some people are born with a wide nose or have nostrils that flare up due to hay fever making their nose look large.

Botox treatment can decrease the size of the nostrils and make the nose smaller.


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